Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GUYS!~ I'm bad at photoshop...so I'm just gonna do a traditional drawing today.
Btw. I just wanted to post my Mandala from my Color & Design final since I didn't put that up yet.So this is the initial sketch I did!! The day before it was due....*warning* bad idea to do that. Procrastination Baaadd

Final image~ The CIRCLE WAS SO HARD TO CUT!!! Johan tried his best to help me, plus I was late because I also procrastinated again *Bad* But I got an A!!! : 3

I had a great time in that class~ even though I didn't really make any friends and I was mostly alone in the front of the class the whole yr. Most people scared me and said it was gonna be a KILLER class. But I actually had a really great time learning the concepts and how to mix my own colors, it was an ability I was really lacking in. SO HAPPY I LEARNED THAT STUFF! Complimentary colors etc, believe it or not I had no idea how to mix.

One thing I'd say about the class is try your best to enjoy the assignments! You have the ability to choose anything you want to design so I suggest doing something you really like because you'll be spending a good amount of time on it~ I choose little Momotaro and his 3 friends a pheasant, a monkey and a dog! I also listened to a song called "Baby Universe" alot and that made me happy ^_^


Jubhubmubfub said...

First off, what a cute page you have. I dig the strawberries and stuff. Second, cool mandala. I didn't know that some teachers let you do gradients. Yours came out great! Are you taking summer classes right now?

Sue said...

Marcus!: )
Thanks hehe yah, the other colors just weren't me, I think this layout suits me much better.

Oh yea, I had Christen Miller she was AWEEESuuMMM~ the gradients really helped. I'm knocking out some LA classes this summer. The History of 20th Century American Illustration and another one called The Art of Science, the Science of Art. Thanks so much for your support : - >