Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Old One

This was my first "perspective for animators" assignment from my instructor John Heebink (really awesome guy & helpful instructor) it was to design an interesting car using the isometric grid and create a character who was scaled with the car...he is supposed to be able to fit in it.

I imagined this little guy in his own little "kiddie" world where small people like him would drive around in their old fashioned cars. I was inspired by Mini Coopers and mostly 1970's British Leyland mini's. Again, this was my second semester at AAU, I had no idea how to draw a car and it was the first time I had seriously attempted it, my knowledge on anatomy was pretty stale too so forgive me!! My grade was B+ btw : )

Also, this is just a bad copy of a color practice I found lying around my mom's apartment so its not the original, I have no idea where the original went : <

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