Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ashlad mets the Troll

Ashlad meets the nasty hairy troll. Gahhhhh so tiredddddddddd, warm or cold?


miniPau said...

So sweet!!!!

Is this your own project or a collaborative project?!

Love the troll!!!!!

Im your fan!!!!

Sue said...

Hey girl! I wish I had time for my own project :<

this is for children's book illustration online. I spent all day in the Cintiq lab yesterday working and I still didnt finish :S

My troll loves you too and I am also your fan~~~ kyaa

Steven Wayne Howard said...

love it- personally the foreboding of the troll works better with the cool background. It makes the main character have to face a mightier foe- whereas the warm feels more like they are more defended because they are warm- anyway- love,love, love your illustrations Sue Ann!

Jung Shin said...

cant wait to see that dead troll~

Sue said...

I'm not killing my troll! He's gonna be really dorky and cute.

Thank you Steven!! I'm going to continue to work on it!!!